A user on Vimeo has uploaded the uncut version of the ‘Shot at the Night’ promo video The Killers recorded for use during the 2014 NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament.

The text at the beginning of this video indicates that this is the uncut version that was not for air.  Presumably, this is the video editors worked with when splicing in highlights from the NCAA tournament.

Taken from a Killers community.

The Killers Cover ‘The Maker’ at Festival d’ete de Quebec Show

As pointed out by Ted Sablay, one of The Killers touring musicians, on his Instagram, The Killers covered ‘The Maker’ by Daniel Lanois last night at their Festival d’ete de Quebec show.

Victims will recall that Lanois worked with Brandon Flowers on his debut solo album, ‘Flamingo’, and The Killers on their fourth studio album, ‘Battle Born’.

I will post a link to a video of this cover once one surfaces.